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  • Revealed: rebranded D-Notice committee issued two notices over Skripal affair +

    Spinwatch can reveal that the Skripal affair has resulted in the issuing of not one but two 'D-Notices' to the British media, which are marked private and confidential. We can also disclose the contents of both notices. Read More
  • Why has a Republican attack operation opened shop in the UK? +

    And, asks Tamasin Cave, who is paying for their services? Read More
  • Why did the Guardian take down the sociologist Brian Taylor's online obituary? +

    The Guardian chose to delete a celebratory online obituary to the sociologist Brian Taylor rather than add missing information about his past involvement in the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) lobbying group, writes Niall Meehan. Read More
  • Calling time on Europe's revolving door with the fossil fuel industry +

    A new report on revolving doors in the fossil fuel industry launched this week at the Climate Conference in Bonn reveals widespread potential for conflicts of interest to undermine climate policy. Read More
  • A fishy story about faulty electric vehicles? +

    A news story about a luxury electric vehicle catching fire went global last week but, asks Alison Fogg, did the media miss the real story? Read More
  • Conclusive evidence of the Russian state’s guilt in Skripal case is lacking — and that's important +

    It is difficult to obtain 100% proof in cases such as the Sergey Skripal poisoning. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't demand as much evidence — from our politicians and law enforcement — as possible writes David Morrison. Read More
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