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  • Bell Pottinger's misstep in South Africa +

    Nearly a decade ago, the then-chief lobbyist at Bell Pottinger was asked by MPs for an example of a public relations campaign having a ‘malign’ effect on society, writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • Northern Ireland abuse inquiry (HIAI) failed to investigate paedophile doctor Morris Fraser +

    Special report: Abuse inquiry failed to investigate paedophile doctor who managed Lissue children’s psychiatric hospital writes Niall Meehan Read More
  • Spying on Paisley: How MI5 used Tara to infiltrate the DUP +

    The DUP-Conservative alliance that emerged from the 2017 election might seem like a natural one given the long history of the 'Orange card' as a Tory expedient at Westminster. Read More
  • SLAPPS and ‘aggressive cold calling’: How INEOS is selling shale  +

    Fracking in the UK is more unpopular than ever, despite not a single well being drilled. Having failed to persuade the public, chemical giant INEOS is gearing up for an all-out legal battle. Read More
  • Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think +

    The Department of Defence and the CIA have big seats in the editing suite. Read More
  • Devoid of democratic legitimacy, UK shale industry responds with spin and violence +

    Today's anti-fracking activists are being demonised and attacked just like the pioneers of the UK's environmental movement who fought the Tories' roadbuilding programme in the early 1990s. Read More
  • US fracked gas hits the UK: but at what cost? +

    Soon British consumers will be cooking and heating their homes with American fracked gas for the first time. Read More
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