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Blogs & articles

  • Revolving doors at the NHS’s bully-in-chief +

    As the NHS’s financial regulator hires a new chair, the destination of its outgoing chair is if anything more noteworthy writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • Labour conference or Nuremberg rally? Assessing the evidence +

    Jamie Stern-Weiner investigates claims of antisemitism at the 2017 Labour conference and and finds them to be without factual basis. Read More
  • Fracking industry parliamentary groups hang up their hard hats +

    Two of the shale gas industry’s biggest cheerleaders in Westminster have closed shop, ending years of controversy over their easy access to our politicians writes Melissa Jones. Read More
  • Bell Pottinger's misstep in South Africa +

    Nearly a decade ago, the then-chief lobbyist at Bell Pottinger was asked by MPs for an example of a public relations campaign having a ‘malign’ effect on society, writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • MI5 and the Hooded Men: The role of David Eastwood in Operation Calaba +

    The Pat Finucane Centre has uncovered damning new evidence pointing to the use of waterboarding and electric shock treatment by army and RUC interrogators in Northern Ireland in the 1970s writes Tom Griffin. Read More
  • Northern Ireland abuse inquiry (HIAI) failed to investigate paedophile doctor Morris Fraser +

    Special report: Abuse inquiry failed to investigate paedophile doctor who managed Lissue children’s psychiatric hospital writes Niall Meehan Read More
  • Spying on Paisley: How MI5 used Tara to infiltrate the DUP +

    The DUP-Conservative alliance that emerged from the 2017 election might seem like a natural one given the long history of the 'Orange card' as a Tory expedient at Westminster. Read More
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