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Blogs & articles

  • Big Soda's tactics to confuse science and protect their profits +

    The latest dubious astroturfing tactic of global soft-drink giant Coca-Cola reveals how far it will go to buy time for the industry and to protect profits, explains Harvard University's Alessandro R Demaio. Read More
  • The brothers who funded Blair, Israeli settlements and Islamophobia +

    Tony Blair's Faith Foundation received money from a financial fraudster linked with illegal Israeli settlements and an American Islamophobic network, report Sarah Murasek and David Miller. Read More
  • Proving the link between British foreign policy and domestic terrorism +

    Despite explicit warnings from MI5, three leading politicians are still refusing to acknowledge how the UK’s role in the Iraq invasion led to terrorism at home, write David Morrison and Peter Oborne. Read More
  • Fracturing democracy? State, fracking and local power in Lancashire +

    Anna Szolucha analyses the recent blow to the UK government's stated interest in 'going all out for shale' in a unprecedented victory for Lancashire's local residents and their self-organising, as well as the local democratic process. Read More
  • Seeking war to the end of the world +

    Exclusive by Robert Parry on how neocons still dominate Official Washington’s inside-outside game, in a process that sees government policymakers coordinating with think tank opinion leaders to keep world tensions high, and money flowing to military projects. Read More
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