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Blogs & articles

  • What rough beast slouches towards Birmingham? That'll be Pegida +

    The far-right, anti-Islam protest movement Pegida has so far been largely based in Germany and has had limited success in the UK. But around 300 people are expected to attend a march in Birmingham on 6 February. Read More
  • Another spycop exposed: Carlo Neri confirmed as an undercover +

    The Undercover Research group explain how they exposed spycop Carlo Neri, who was active in the Socialist Party between 2001 and 2005. Read More
  • The Special Branch Files Project, where released files are shared +

    This important new live archive of declassified files reveals the intricate details that Britain’s secret police have recorded on protest movements in the UK since 1968. Eveline Lubbers explains why we need such information now more than ever. Read More
  • How ‘minister’ has become just another rung on a lucrative career ladder +

    With 25 former Coalition ministers now making a small fortune as directors, advisers or board chairmen, in 'businesses they used to govern, Tamasin Cave thinks it's time for Dave to put his foot in the revolving door. Read More
  • Householders affected by floods face insurance double-whammy if they live nearby planned fracking sites +

    As householders across the UK continue the great flood clean-up, many are battling with insurance companies. Those living in fracking zones may face further problems writes Andy Rowell. Read More
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