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Blogs & articles

  • Fracking hypocrites: the Tories' 'localism' promises won't apply to Lancashire +

    As leading Conservative ministers and fracking firms gather in London at the UK’s largest shale conference today, the government stands accused of hypocrisy writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • New report on Israel lobby in Brussels’ reveals links to US Islamophobia industry and illegal settlements +

    Our latest report, launched 13 May in London, reveals the money behind Israel's expanding lobbying activities at the European Union. Read More
  • Scottish ex-officer Paul Hogan spills beans on spycops unit +

    A veteran spycop showing off online about his work has shed far more light about the National Public Order Intelligence Unit than his former employers have been willing to share writes Eveline Lubbers. Read More
  • Jeremy Corbyn hasn't got an 'antisemitism problem'. His opponents do. +

    Headline after headline in recent weeks has blamed Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters for rising antisemitism in the Labour party. These claims are baseless argues Jamie Stern-Weiner. Read More
  • Fun ways to stop corporations taking over schools +

    It will take more than a few botched tests to stop corporations from profiting from this '$4.5 trillion opportunity' writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
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