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Blogs & articles

  • Latest policy to gag charities, including public health charities, recommended by tobacco-funded think tank +

    Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock has announced that, from now on, any charity getting a government grant will be banned from using the funds to lobby government. Read More
  • So who exactly is Backing Fracking? Unmasking the astro-turfers... +

    Their carefully crafted press releases and social media sites portray 'Backing Fracking' as made up of ordinary 'residents'. Read More
  • ‘Chill out’: transparency rules do not deter small groups from lobbying +

    The Scottish Parliament is about to enter the final stage of debate on legislation to establish a national lobbying register and code of conduct. A lobbying register could allow citizens to better see who is meeting with politicians in an attempt to influence legislation, regulation Read More
  • What rough beast slouches towards Birmingham? That'll be Pegida +

    The far-right, anti-Islam protest movement Pegida has so far been largely based in Germany and has had limited success in the UK. But around 300 people are expected to attend a march in Birmingham on 6 February. Read More
  • Another spycop exposed: Carlo Neri confirmed as an undercover +

    The Undercover Research group explain how they exposed spycop Carlo Neri, who was active in the Socialist Party between 2001 and 2005. Read More
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