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  • Nottinghamshire’s planners back shale gas exploration at old bomb site +

    Despite the risk of unexploded bombs and potential well leaks, Nottinghamshire officials have recommended Igas be allowed to explore for shale gas at Misson near Doncaster writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Job vacancy: Director, Public Interest Investigations +

    Want to help us grow? Apply now! Read More
  • Did an industry front group create fake Twitter accounts to promote the Dakota Access Pipeline? +

    Steve Horn trawls Twitter and finds a bizarre bevy of beauties supporting the controversial US pipeline. Read More
  • Emails reveal Glasgow University academics' close links to fracking industry +

    New emails uncovered by Spinwatch cast doubt over Glasgow University’s close relationship with the shale gas industry writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Lobbying looms over Theresa May’s government. She must tackle it now +

    William Hague advising a US lobbying firm is no surprise. Only an effective register can reveal the true reach of the industry that bedevilled David Cameron writes Tamasin Cave in the Guardian today. Read More
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