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Blogs & articles

  • Crosby, lobbyists and Labour +

    Tamasin Cave reflects on the week's lobbying news, including how a government minister expressed 'humble' servitude to Lynton Crosby, who lobbied him about UK tobacco regulations on behalf of client Philip Morris International. Read More
  • Scientists refute lower emissions claim for fracking +

    The argument that fracking can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is misguided, according to an international scientific study, because the amount of extra fossil fuel it will produce will cancel out the benefits. Read More
  • Jonathan Hill: keeping schtum +

    Jonathan Hill, the man put forward by Britain for the job of EU Commissioner in charge of financial services regulation, has refused to answer MEPs' questions about his former financial sector lobby clients. Read More
  • European Ombudsman demands far-reaching changes to Commission's handling of revolving door +

    A ruling by the European Ombudsman on Tuesday that the European Commission should make its processes on revolving doors cases 'more robust' to avoid conflicts of interest, has been welcomed by NGOS Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, LobbyControl and Spinwatch. Read More
  • Good luck to the new lobbying tsar +

    The Coalition has at last found someone to take on the poisoned chalice of lobbying registrar says Tamasin Cave, marking the final stage in a tortuous, and under this government, fruitless process to shine a light on the murky world of lobbying. Read More
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