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Blogs & articles

  • The privatising cabal at the heart of our NHS +

    The election campaign battle over the future of the NHS is a phony fight writes Tamasin Cave. The revolving door between government and private healthcare firms in recent years has it all sewn up. Read More
  • David Cameron's promise to clean up lobbying wasn't worth a hill of beans +

    With little fanfare, Westminster’s official Register of Consultant Lobbyists has launched. It was a rather muted and low-key affair considering the high-profile stories and scandals we have witnessed in relation to lobbying on recent few weeks writes Will Dinan. Read More
  • The PR kingmakers of London town take on Nigeria +

    Nigeria goes to the polls this weekend in a hard fought contest between its current president and a former military dictator. Reportedly the country’s most expensive election ever, both sides have hired big name international PR firms to help persuade the voters. Read More
  • The 'ninja' NHS privatisers you've never heard of... +

    Meet the shadowy team at the heart of many of the most controversial NHS privatisations to date, including the Staffordshire deal leaked last week and the failed Hinchingbrooke experiment. Read More
  • Lobbying register: day 1 +

    Five years after Cameron and Clegg promised to 'regulate lobbying through introducing a statutory register of lobbyists’ in the UK, it has finally launched. Tamasin Cave is underwhelmed by its first day. Read More
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