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Blogs & articles

  • The 'ninja' NHS privatisers you've never heard of... +

    Meet the shadowy team at the heart of many of the most controversial NHS privatisations to date, including the Staffordshire deal leaked last week and the failed Hinchingbrooke experiment. Read More
  • Lobbying register: day 1 +

    Five years after Cameron and Clegg promised to 'regulate lobbying through introducing a statutory register of lobbyists’ in the UK, it has finally launched. Tamasin Cave is underwhelmed by its first day. Read More
  • Critics banned, Islamophobes welcome at “We Believe in Israel” UK conference +

    Organisers of a major pro-Israel conference in London this weekend have been vetting the political views of those registered to attend. Hilary Aked has been banned from attending because of her co-authorship of Spinwatch's critical 2013 report on BICOM. Read More
  • Unscrupulous methods used by tobacco industry revealed over illicit trade +

    For three years the tobacco industry has waged a virulent battle against proposed laws for plain packaging of cigarettes in the UK. Andy Rowell and Karen Evans-Reeves review its frantic attempts to sway public and political opinion ahead of the parliamentary vote last week. Read More
  • Blacklisted, the book is out now +

    'Blacklisted, the secret war between big business and union activists' finally hits the shelves this week. Written by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain, it tells the controversial story of how construction companies illegally kept union activists off building sites. Read More
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