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Blogs & articles

  • Does Jeremy Hunt know something we don’t? +

    Is the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt trying to put distance between himself and NHS England? This week Hunt told NHS leaders that the service must undertake a ‘fundamental rethink’ of how it spends its £110bn budget. We've been asking for a breakdown of the figures Read More
  • NHS England: how are you spending our money? +

    In August this year we noticed an anomaly. NHS England, the government agency charged with overseeing the £95bn NHS budget, had never made public how it was spending our money. Read More
  • BICOM airbrushes Simon Barrett +

Last week Spinwatch reported on the appointment of Simon Barrett as the new communications director of BICOM. The following day the lobby group's website was updated with Barrett now listed as its head of media. Read More
  • Islamophobia and the extreme right +

    Writer and Middle East expert Brian Whitaker reflects on the thin line between prejudice and reasoned criticism. Read More
  • BICOM's new spokesman Simon Barrett +

    The Israeli-occupied West Bank is 'the Biblical heartland of the Jewish people promised to them by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob' - these are the words of Simon Barrett, the new director of communications for the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre. Read More
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