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Blogs & articles

  • Fun ways to stop corporations taking over schools +

    It will take more than a few botched tests to stop corporations from profiting from this '$4.5 trillion opportunity' writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • Be wary of promises of transparency +

    The UK government's dismal track record on lobbying transparency offers little confidence over its promised claims for new tax disclosure writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • It’s not just English schools that the government wants to see in private hands +

    The Tories are exporting radical school reform around the world, writes Tamasin Cave. The UK education secretary, Nicky Morgan, must surely regret her attempt last week to explain to parents why she is taking the ‘state’ out of all English state schools and handing them Read More
  • Washington’s failure to stem material support for Israeli settler extremists +

    US rhetorical opposition to illegal Israeli settlements rings hollow while it lays favours on settler organizations that fund them writes Sarah Murasek. Read More
  • Bleeding heart liberals and the war on terror +

    Demonisation is used by the right to prevent the left actually opposing the war on terror with more than platitudes; criminalisation is used by the state against those against its crimes writes Ben Hayes. Read More
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