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  • Spying on Paisley: How MI5 used Tara to infiltrate the DUP +

    The DUP-Conservative alliance that emerged from the 2017 election might seem like a natural one given the long history of the 'Orange card' as a Tory expedient at Westminster. Read More
  • SLAPPS and ‘aggressive cold calling’: How INEOS is selling shale  +

    Fracking in the UK is more unpopular than ever, despite not a single well being drilled. Having failed to persuade the public, chemical giant INEOS is gearing up for an all-out legal battle. Read More
  • Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think +

    The Department of Defence and the CIA have big seats in the editing suite. Read More
  • Devoid of democratic legitimacy, UK shale industry responds with spin and violence +

    Today's anti-fracking activists are being demonised and attacked just like the pioneers of the UK's environmental movement who fought the Tories' roadbuilding programme in the early 1990s. Read More
  • US fracked gas hits the UK: but at what cost? +

    Soon British consumers will be cooking and heating their homes with American fracked gas for the first time. Read More
  • New documents reveal North Yorkshire Police's close relationship with fracking firms +

    North Yorkshire Police has met regularly with fracking firms Third Energy and INEOS, shared information on campaigners and worked to restrict lawful protest. Its counter terrorism officers also advised on security for the controversial Kirby Misperton site. Read More
  • After election fiasco, Britain’s new Environment Secretary is 'unfit for the job' +

    Michael Gove has long-term links to climate deniers and a record of voting against climate change measures. He was in favour of selling off Britain’s forests, culling badgers and allowing fracking. Oh, and let’s not forget trying wipe climate off the school curriculum... Read More
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