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  • Rifkind affair underlines that Intelligence Committee is not yet a creature of Parliament +

    The spectacle of Malcolm Rifkind negotiating a commercial deal with a (fake) Chinese company has sparked calls for him to resign as chair of the parliamentary joint intelligence committee responsible for legislative oversight of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, writes Tom Griffin. Read More
  • Just because Everyone's At It, doesn't make it right +

    Former UK foreign secretaries Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw were unlucky enough, or silly enough, to get caught in the latest sting by journos posing as lobbyists. But just because 100s of MPs and Lords have paid jobs advising companies, doesn't excuse them. It makes Read More
  • Peter Oborne, the Telegraph, HSBC and its lobbyists +

    The Telegraph's chief political commentator Peter Oborne has resigned, accusing his old newspaper of committing 'a fraud on its readers' by deliberately quashing stories since 2013 on HSBC's involvement in tax dodging and other controversial activities. Read More
  • Wretched US journalism on Ukraine +

    The US news media has failed the American people often by not challenging its government propaganda, as with Iraq’s WMD. But the most dangerous violation of journalistic principles has occurred in the Ukraine crisis, which has the potential of a nuclear war, writes Robert Parry. Read More
  • Why a US battle over corporate hijacking of science matters in Europe +

    On both sides of the Atlantic, evidence-based policy appears to be in jeopardy. The scientific advice that government and regulators rely upon to inform their decision-making is under attack writes Will Dinan. Read More
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