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Blogs & articles

  • UK election means fracking frenzy and goodbye wind +

    The Conservative Party's win is great news for frackers and bad news for the renewables industry, especially onshore wind companies, writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • UK Election 2015: the most heavily managed campaign of all time +

    The spin doctors in the main parties appear to have based their communication strategies on a rather pessimistic view of the British public writes Will Dinan. Read More
  • NHS: The foxes have control +

    Whilst all eyes have been on the election, the government has quietly shifted into stage two of NHS privatisation, generating huge potential conflicts of interest. Read More
  • Access all areas: Westminster's (vast) fracking lobby exposed +

    The shale gas industry has spent millions on PR trying to sway public opinion in its favour. Less visible is the extraordinary political influence it wields via some of the world’s most controversial lobbying firms. Read More
  • The privatising cabal at the heart of our NHS +

    The election campaign battle over the future of the NHS is a phony fight writes Tamasin Cave. The revolving door between government and private healthcare firms in recent years has it all sewn up. Read More
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