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Blogs & articles

  • 'Serious doubts' over UK fracking industry after 'seismic' vote +

    The British fracking industry was left in total disarray yesterday after Lancashire County Council voted overwhelmingly to oppose fracking in the North West of the country writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • 'Flawed' legal advice leads to fracking vote delay +

    Councillors in Lancashire in the North West of the UK unanimously refused one of two planning applications for fracking by the controversial company, Cuadrilla. Read More
  • The think tank that nurtured Raheem Kassam's attack politics +

    Nigel Farage's former election chief Raheem Kassam has described some UKIP-ers as 'too embarrassing to be seen'. Yet his own strident views, cultivated during five years at the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society, deserve much closer scrutiny. Read More
  • University research on terrorism may never be free from interference +

    It’s becoming much harder for UK academics to discuss issues such as conflict and terrorism without the state or groups with influential agendas poking their noses in. But the case for independent critical research and discussion has never been stronger argue David Miller and Narzanin Read More
  • The five pillars of Islamophobia +

    Islamophobia is deeply embedded in our politics and society, and a more serious problem than many writers have recognised. Vague categories like ‘extremist’ and ‘radicalisation’ are trawling Muslims in a very large ‘counter-terrorism’ net. Read More
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