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Blogs & articles

  • Did an industry front group create fake Twitter accounts to promote the Dakota Access Pipeline? +

    Steve Horn trawls Twitter and finds a bizarre bevy of beauties supporting the controversial US pipeline. Read More
  • Job vacancy: Director, Public Interest Investigations +

    Want to help us grow? Applications close 30 September Read More
  • Emails reveal Glasgow University academics' close links to fracking industry +

    New emails uncovered by Spinwatch cast doubt over Glasgow University’s close relationship with the shale gas industry writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Lobbying looms over Theresa May’s government. She must tackle it now +

    William Hague advising a US lobbying firm is no surprise. Only an effective register can reveal the true reach of the industry that bedevilled David Cameron writes Tamasin Cave in the Guardian today. Read More
  • NGOs launch petition for tougher rules to block ex-commissioners’ revolving door +

    Big business is gaining inside-knowledge, vital contacts and ever more powerful influence by hiring former Commission presidents such as Jorge Barroso and other top officials or MEPs. ALTER-EU and WeMove.EU are calling for tougher new rules to stop the EU revolving door spinning. Read More
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