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Blogs & articles

  • Shining Big Tobacco's shoes +

    The low key visit by Tom Donohoe, head of the US Chamber of Commerce, to Brussels this month belies his influence writes David Cronin. Donohoe's meetings with top-level representatives of the European Commission included the controversial trans-Atlantic trade talks. Read More
  • GWPF ‘sceptics’ misled the public over IPCC’s latest climate change conclusions +

    Climate ‘sceptics’ connected to the UK’s most prominent sceptic lobby group – including its chair and director – seriously misled the public over the conclusions of the world’s most respected climate change assessment, writes Tim Holmes. Read More
  • Was Lord Bew really just Ed Moloney's "message boy"? +

    Last month, police in Belfast arrested veteran republican Ivor Bell over material obtained through a controversial subpoena against the Boston College Oral History Project. Tom Griffin considers this development in an already bitter debate. Read More
  • IPCC: Ten years of excusing and ignoring +

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is ten years old this week. It's also the fifth anniversary of the death of Ian Tomlinson. Activist Merrick Goldhaven reminds us how the IPPC dealt with that. Read More
  • Covering up the cover-up of a cover-up +

    Following revelations that Met Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe's report on misconduct in undercover policing was rewritten, activist Merrick Godhaven examines the role played by Hogan-Howe in the cover-up of the scandal. Read More
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