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  • Chemical giant Ineos plans 30 frack wells in UK within months +

    It will become a defining battle of our times. A Brexit-supporting billionaire, who until recently lived as a tax-exile in Switzerland, versus the people of Britain. And the battle will be over fracking writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Barroso and Goldman Sachs - a dangerous liaison +

    The news that former European Commission president José Manuel Barroso will become non-executive chairman at Goldman Sachs did not come as a surprise writes Vicky Cann. Read More
  • The Chilcot Report: an initial assessment +

    The Chilcot Report damns the procedures and claims but avoids passing judgement on intentions and good faith writes Piers Robinson. Read More
  • Chocolate farmers could hold the key to lasting peace in Colombia +

    A chocolate-producing community who declared themselves neutral in Colombia’s 50-year civil war could hold the key to lasting peace writes Michael Gillard. Read More
  • 'Spooked': How the CIA manipulates the media and hoodwinks Hollywood [Book review] +

    John Booth reviews Nicholas Schou's book on the CIA's influence on Tinseltown. Read More
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