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  • Why PR agencies and their spin should be the subject of greater scrutiny +

    When Bell Pottinger came crashing down earlier this year, you could be forgiven for wondering why it hadn’t prepared a better crisis strategy to deal with the fall-out writes Will Dinan. Read More
  • Update: Cuadrilla environmental breaches tally rises to five this year at Preston New Road +

    Another Environment Agency inspection report reveals Cuadrilla allowed silt-contaminated water from its Preston New Road site to drain into a nearby creek a third time. Read More
  • Book review: Assuming Boycott: Resistance, agency and cultural production +

    Assuming Boycott pulls together the potent activism and voices of those determined to influence power struggles and confront injustice writes Quraysha Ismail Sooliman. Read More
  • Third environmental permit breach this year by Cuadrilla at Lancs fracking site +

    New documents released by the Environmental Agency reveal that fracking firm Cuadrilla breached environmental controls at its Lancashire shale gas exploration site in August.

    Read More
  • Revolving doors at the NHS’s bully-in-chief +

    As the NHS’s financial regulator hires a new chair, the destination of its outgoing chair is if anything more noteworthy writes Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • Labour conference or Nuremberg rally? Assessing the evidence +

    Jamie Stern-Weiner investigates claims of antisemitism at the 2017 Labour conference and and finds them to be without factual basis. Read More
  • Fracking industry parliamentary groups hang up their hard hats +

    Two of the shale gas industry’s biggest cheerleaders in Westminster have closed shop, ending years of controversy over their easy access to our politicians writes Melissa Jones. Read More
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