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Blogs & articles

  • Britain's three decades of dirty war against the Tamil people +

    Watching the UK Border Agency hand back Tamil refugees to the regime that had tortured them prompted Phil Miller to delve deeper into the UK's foreign policy towards Sri Lanka. His report, 'Britain's dirty war against the Tamil people, 1979-2009' is published next week. Read More
  • England's 'Education Reformers': who are they? +

    Last week the UK's education reform movement gathered in London at a summit co-hosted by the Department for Education and a small think tank called the Education Foundation. Tamasin Cave outlines the extensive lobbying activities of this movement on both sides of the Atlantic. Read More
  • Why the abuse inquiry needs to hear from Colin Wallace +

    Whistleblower Colin Wallace is willing to testify to the newly announced inquiry into historical child sex abuse, but it will need access to intelligence documents if it is to succeed writes Tom Griffin. Read More
  • Bankers, business and lobbyists: the Tory fundraiser guest list +

    The UK Conservative Party’s secret annual fundraising dinner guest list yields yet more evidence of the murky world of political donations and lobbying, and of the government's broken promise to be 'the most transparent in the world' says Tamasin Cave. Read More
  • Bob Neill: "Ex-minister for hire" +

    Here’s a little test for the government’s statutory lobbying register (when it eventually arrives). Bob Neill, former Planning Minister has taken a job with a lobbying agency that has so far refused to sign up to any of the voluntary registers that the statutory register Read More
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