Battling big business

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By Eveline Lubbers. Foreword by Naomi Klein.

Paperback: 224 pages (September 1, 2002)
Publisher: Common Courage Press
ISBN: 1567512240

Eveline Lubbers is an investigative reporter and activist living in Amsterdam. She co-founded the Jansen & Janssen Bureau to monitor police and secret services. She has produced books on corporate intelligence and PR strategies of multinationals against their critics, subjects mainly in Dutch.

After big business suffered several spectacular media defeats, from the Mclibel suit where McDonalds won the suit but lost the war, to Monsanto’s underestimation of resistance to genetically modified organisms, corporations are fighting back. Hard. From surveillance to legal suits, from lobbyists crafting laws to PR groups’ green-washing crimes Battling Big Business reveals how corporate giants attempt to control their 'enemies'—and how groups and individuals can fight back. Contributors include Naomi Klein, George Monbiot, Sharon Beder, Andy Rowell and Eveline Lubbers.

This book is powerful vaccine against corporate deception, as well as a deeply inspiring source of ideas about engineering the breakdown of corporate globalism and other institutions that inhibit caring, justice, and nonviolence.

Camy Matthay, Zmagazine (United States) February 2003

Battling Big Business devotes a substantial amount of attention to use of the Internet, both to efforts by companies to track and interfere with Internet activism, and the ways in which the Internet can facilitate efforts to counter business power.

Essential Information, Multinational Monitor (United States) January 2003

Business blues and bullying. If knowing your enemy's tactics is half the battle, Battling Big Business should provide fruitful reading for both corporate and activist spheres in a war where transparency and accountability battle secrecy and culpability.

Canberra Times (Australia) 9 November 2002, Bill Deane

"Battling Big Business" exposes some of the dirty tricks that big corporations use in bullying citizens who dare to question the ways in which they maximise profit. True to its title, "Battling Big Business" also provides disgruntled citizens with chapters that can best be described as a "hand-to-brand" combat manual.

Sunday Tribune (South Africa) 18 August 2002, Chris Albertyn, Durban, South Africa